KolibriOS kernel
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
 CAPPDATAFields, marked as R now not used, but will be used soon, when legacy TASKDATA structure will be deleted
 CAPPOBJCommon object header
 CBGDESCRBlock group descriptor
 CCACHE_ITEMThis structure describes one item in the cache
 CDISKThis structure represents a disk device and its media for the kernel. This structure is allocated by the kernel in the 'disk_add' function, freed in the 'disk_dereference' function
 CDISKCACHEThis structure represents the disk cache. To follow the old implementation, there are two distinct caches for a disk, one for "system" data,and the other for "application" data
 CDISKMEDIAINFOThis structure holds information on a medium. Objects with this structure are allocated by the kernel as a part of the DISK structure and are filled by a driver in the 'querymedia' callback
 CFATInternal data for every FAT partition
 CGASACPI Generic Address Structure
 CGPEGPT Partition Entry, UEFI 2.6, Table 19
 CGPTHGUID Partition Table Header, UEFI 2.6, Table 18
 CIPv4_FRAGMENT_entryThis structure will replace the ethernet header in fragmented ip packets
 Cmtrr_rangeMtrr_reconfigure keeps a list of MEM_WB ranges. This structure describes one item in the list
 CNODEHEADERExt4 extent tree tree node header
 CPARTITIONThis structure represents one partition for the kernel. This is a base template, the actual contents after common fields is determined by the file system code for this partition
 CPARTITION_TABLE_ENTRYThis is an external structure, it represents an entry in the partition table
 CTASKDATANote: in future TASKDATA will be merged into APPDATA
 CTIMERThis structure describes a timer for the kernel
 Cusb_config_descrUSB configuration descriptor
 Cusb_controllerController descriptor. This structure represents the common (controller-independent) part of a controller for the USB code. The corresponding controller-dependent part *hci_controller is located immediately before usb_controller
 Cusb_device_dataDevice-specific data
 Cusb_device_descrUSB device descriptor
 Cusb_endpoint_descrUSB endpoint descriptor
 Cusb_gtdThis structure represents one transfer descriptor ('g' stands for "general" as opposed to isochronous usb_itd). Note that one transfer can have several descriptors: a control transfer has three stages. Additionally, every controller has a limit on transfer length with one descriptor (packet size for UHCI, 1K for OHCI, 4K for EHCI), large transfers must be split into individual packets according to that limit
 Cusb_hardware_funcDescription of controller-specific data and functions
 Cusb_hub_descrHub descriptor
 Cusb_interface_dataInterface-specific data. Several interfaces of one device can operate independently, each is controlled by some driver and is identified by some driver-specific data passed as is to the driver
 Cusb_interface_descrUSB interface descriptor
 Cusb_pipePipe descriptor. An USB pipe is described by two structures, for hardware and for software. This is the software part. The hardware part is defined in a driver of the corresponding controller. The hardware part is located immediately before usb_pipe, both are allocated at once by controller-specific code (it knows the total length, which depends on the hardware part)
 Cusb_static_epThis structure describes the static head of every list of pipes
 Cusbhc_funcPointers to kernel API functions that are called from *HCI-drivers
 CWDATAWindow structure:
 CXFSInternal data for every XFS partition this is XFS partition structure most fields are unpacked or bswap'ed values of the superblock, see xfs_sb structure above
 Cxfs_bmbt_blockLong form header: bmap btrees xfs_btree_lblock is xfs_bmbt_block (xfs_btree.h)
 Cxfs_bmbt_irecUnpacked extent
 Cxfs_bmbt_keyKey structure for non-leaf levels of the tree
 Cxfs_bmbt_recPacket extent
 Cxfs_bmdr_blockBmap root header
 Cxfs_dinode_coreInode core structure: basic information about file
 Cxfs_dir2_blockGeneric single-block structure, for xfs_db
 Cxfs_dir2_block_tailTail of directory block
 Cxfs_dir2_data_entryActive entry in a data block aligned to 8 bytes tag appears as the last 2 bytes
 Cxfs_dir2_data_hdrHeader for the data blocks always at the beginning of a directory-sized block the code knows that XFS_DIR2_DATA_FD_COUNT is 3
 Cxfs_dir2_data_unionGeneric data entry
 Cxfs_dir2_data_unusedUnused entry in a data block
 Cxfs_dir2_leafBests and tail are at the end of the block for single-leaf only (magic = XFS_DIR2_LEAF1_MAGIC not XFS_DIR2_LEAFN_MAGIC)
 Cxfs_dir2_leaf_entryLeaf block entry
 Cxfs_sbSuperblock ondisk structure (xfs_sb.h) this is not the partition structure for XFS partition structure see XFS below
 Cxfs_timestampStructure to store create, access and modification time in inode core