KolibriOS kernel
usb_hub_descr Struct Reference

Hub descriptor. More...

Public Attributes

db bNbrPorts
dw wHubCharacteristics
db bPwrOn2PwrGood
db bHubContrCurrent

Detailed Description

Hub descriptor.


Member Data Documentation

◆ bHubContrCurrent

db usb_hub_descr::bHubContrCurrent

Time in 2ms intervals between powering up a port and a port becoming ready.

◆ bNbrPorts

db usb_hub_descr::bNbrPorts

◆ bPwrOn2PwrGood

db usb_hub_descr::bPwrOn2PwrGood

Bit 0: 0 = all ports are powered at once, 1 = individual port power switching Bit 1: reserved, must be zero Bit 2: 1 = the hub is part of a compound device Bits 3-4: 00 = global overcurrent protection, 01 = individual port overcurrent protection, 1x = no overcurrent protection Bits 5-6: Transaction Translator Think Time, 8*(value+1) full-speed bit times Bit 7: 1 = port indicators supported Other bits are reserved.

◆ wHubCharacteristics

dw usb_hub_descr::wHubCharacteristics

Number of downstream ports.

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