KolibriOS kernel
TCP_header Struct Reference

Public Attributes

dw SourcePort
dw DestinationPort
dd SequenceNumber
dd AckNumber
db DataOffset
db Flags
dw Window
dw Checksum
dw UrgentPointer

Detailed Description

Member Data Documentation

◆ AckNumber

dd TCP_header::AckNumber

◆ Checksum

dw TCP_header::Checksum

◆ DataOffset

db TCP_header::DataOffset

DataOffset[0-3 bits] and Reserved[4-7]

◆ DestinationPort

dw TCP_header::DestinationPort

◆ Flags

db TCP_header::Flags

Reserved[0-1 bits]|URG|ACK|PSH|RST|SYN|FIN

◆ SequenceNumber

dd TCP_header::SequenceNumber

◆ SourcePort

dw TCP_header::SourcePort

◆ UrgentPointer

dw TCP_header::UrgentPointer

◆ Window

dw TCP_header::Window

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