KolibriOS kernel
NTFS Struct Reference

Public Attributes

dd sectors_per_cluster
dd mft_cluster
dd mftmirr_cluster
dd frs_size
dd frs_buffer
dd mft_retrieval_end
dd mftSize
dd cur_index_size
dd cur_index_buf
dd secondIndexBuffer
dd BitmapBuffer
dd BitmapTotalSize
dd BitmapSize
dd BitmapLocation
dd BitmapStart
dd mftBitmapBuffer
dd mftBitmapSize
dd mftBitmapLocation
dq attr_size
dd attr_offs
dd attr_list
dd attr_iBaseRecord
dd cur_attr
dd cur_iRecord
dd cur_offs
dd cur_size
dd cur_buf
dd cur_read
dd cur_tail
dd cur_subnode_size
dd LastRead
dd mftLastRead
dd rootLastRead
dd nodeLastRead
dd indexRoot
dd indexPointer
dd newRecord
dd fileDataStart
dd fileDataSize
dd fileDataBuffer
dd fileRealSize
db fragmentCount
db bCanContinue
db bFolder
db bWriteAttr
rb mft_retrieval
rb align0
rb attrlist_buf
rb attrlist_mft_buf
rb bitmap_buf

Detailed Description

Member Data Documentation

◆ align0

rb NTFS::align0

◆ attr_iBaseRecord

dd NTFS::attr_iBaseRecord

◆ attr_list

dd NTFS::attr_list

◆ attr_offs

dd NTFS::attr_offs

◆ attr_size

dq NTFS::attr_size

◆ attrlist_buf

rb NTFS::attrlist_buf

◆ attrlist_mft_buf

rb NTFS::attrlist_mft_buf

◆ bCanContinue

db NTFS::bCanContinue

◆ bFolder

db NTFS::bFolder

◆ bitmap_buf

rb NTFS::bitmap_buf

◆ BitmapBuffer

dd NTFS::BitmapBuffer

◆ BitmapLocation

dd NTFS::BitmapLocation

starting sector

◆ BitmapSize

dd NTFS::BitmapSize

bytes readen

◆ BitmapStart

dd NTFS::BitmapStart

first byte after area, reserved for MFT

◆ BitmapTotalSize

dd NTFS::BitmapTotalSize

bytes reserved

◆ bWriteAttr

db NTFS::bWriteAttr

Warning: Don't forget to turn off!!!

◆ cur_attr

dd NTFS::cur_attr

attribute type

◆ cur_buf

dd NTFS::cur_buf

◆ cur_index_buf

dd NTFS::cur_index_buf

index node buffer

◆ cur_index_size

dd NTFS::cur_index_size

in sectors

◆ cur_iRecord

dd NTFS::cur_iRecord

number of fileRecord in MFT

◆ cur_offs

dd NTFS::cur_offs

attribute VCN in sectors

◆ cur_read

dd NTFS::cur_read

bytes readen

◆ cur_size

dd NTFS::cur_size

max sectors to read

◆ cur_subnode_size

dd NTFS::cur_subnode_size

◆ cur_tail

dd NTFS::cur_tail

◆ fileDataBuffer

dd NTFS::fileDataBuffer

◆ fileDataSize

dd NTFS::fileDataSize

in clusters

◆ fileDataStart

dd NTFS::fileDataStart

starting cluster

◆ fileRealSize

dd NTFS::fileRealSize

in bytes

◆ fragmentCount

db NTFS::fragmentCount

◆ frs_buffer

dd NTFS::frs_buffer

MFT fileRecord buffer

◆ frs_size

dd NTFS::frs_size

in bytes

◆ indexPointer

dd NTFS::indexPointer

◆ indexRoot

dd NTFS::indexRoot

◆ LastRead

dd NTFS::LastRead

last readen block of sectors

◆ Lock


Currently operations with one partition

◆ mft_cluster

dd NTFS::mft_cluster


◆ mft_retrieval

rb NTFS::mft_retrieval

◆ mft_retrieval_end

dd NTFS::mft_retrieval_end

◆ mftBitmapBuffer

dd NTFS::mftBitmapBuffer

one cluster

◆ mftBitmapLocation

dd NTFS::mftBitmapLocation

starting sector

◆ mftBitmapSize

dd NTFS::mftBitmapSize

bytes readen

◆ mftLastRead

dd NTFS::mftLastRead

◆ mftmirr_cluster

dd NTFS::mftmirr_cluster


◆ mftSize

dd NTFS::mftSize

in sectors

◆ newRecord

dd NTFS::newRecord

◆ nodeLastRead

dd NTFS::nodeLastRead

◆ rootLastRead

dd NTFS::rootLastRead

◆ secondIndexBuffer

dd NTFS::secondIndexBuffer

◆ sectors_per_cluster

dd NTFS::sectors_per_cluster

can not be executed in parallel since the legacy code is not ready.

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