KolibriOS kernel
boot_data Struct Reference

Public Attributes

db bpp
dw pitch
dw vesa_mode
dw x_res
dw y_res
dd bank_switch
dd lfb
db mtrr
db launcher_start
db debug_print
db dma
boot_pci_data pci_data
db shutdown_type
dd apm_entry
dw apm_version
dw apm_flags
dw apm_code_32
dw apm_code_16
dw apm_data_16
db rd_load_from
dw kernel_restart
dw sys_disk
dd acpi_rsdp
rb syspath
dd devicesdat_data
dd devicesdat_size
db bios_hd_cnt
rb bios_hd
dd memmap_block_cnt
e820entry memmap_blocks

Detailed Description

Member Data Documentation

◆ acpi_rsdp

dd boot_data::acpi_rsdp

◆ apm_code_16

dw boot_data::apm_code_16

◆ apm_code_32

dw boot_data::apm_code_32

◆ apm_data_16

dw boot_data::apm_data_16

◆ apm_entry

dd boot_data::apm_entry

entry point of APM BIOS

◆ apm_flags

dw boot_data::apm_flags

◆ apm_version

dw boot_data::apm_version


◆ bank_switch

dd boot_data::bank_switch

Vesa 1.2 pm bank switch

◆ bios_hd

rb boot_data::bios_hd

BIOS hard disks

◆ bios_hd_cnt

db boot_data::bios_hd_cnt

number of BIOS hard disks

◆ bpp

db boot_data::bpp

bits per pixel

◆ debug_print

db boot_data::debug_print

LAUNCHER) after kernel is loaded if nonzero, duplicates debug output to the screen

◆ devicesdat_data

dd boot_data::devicesdat_data

◆ devicesdat_size

dd boot_data::devicesdat_size

◆ dma

db boot_data::dma

DMA write: 1=yes, 2=no

◆ kernel_restart

dw boot_data::kernel_restart

◆ launcher_start

db boot_data::launcher_start

0 or 1: start the first app (right now it's

◆ lfb

dd boot_data::lfb

Vesa 2.0 LFB address

◆ memmap_block_cnt

dd boot_data::memmap_block_cnt

available physical memory map: number of blocks

◆ memmap_blocks

e820entry boot_data::memmap_blocks

◆ mtrr

db boot_data::mtrr

0 or 1: enable MTRR graphics acceleration

◆ pci_data

boot_pci_data boot_data::pci_data

◆ pitch

dw boot_data::pitch

scanline length

◆ rd_load_from

db boot_data::rd_load_from

Device to load ramdisk from, RD_LOAD_FROM_*

◆ shutdown_type

db boot_data::shutdown_type

see sysfn 18.9

◆ sys_disk

dw boot_data::sys_disk

Device to mount on /sys/, see loader_doc.txt for details

◆ syspath

rb boot_data::syspath

◆ vesa_mode

dw boot_data::vesa_mode

◆ x_res

dw boot_data::x_res

◆ y_res

dw boot_data::y_res

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