KolibriOS kernel
FIS_REG_H2D Struct Reference

Register FIS ? Host to Device. More...

Public Attributes

db fis_type
db flags
db command
db featurel
db lba0
db lba1
db lba2
db device
db lba3
db lba4
db lba5
db featureh
db countl
db counth
db icc
db control

Detailed Description

Register FIS ? Host to Device.


Member Data Documentation

◆ command

db FIS_REG_H2D::command

Command register

◆ control

db FIS_REG_H2D::control

Control register

◆ counth

db FIS_REG_H2D::counth

Count register, 15:8

◆ countl

db FIS_REG_H2D::countl

Count register, 7:0

◆ device

db FIS_REG_H2D::device

Device register

◆ featureh

db FIS_REG_H2D::featureh

Feature register, 15:8

◆ featurel

db FIS_REG_H2D::featurel

Feature register, 7:0

◆ fis_type

db FIS_REG_H2D::fis_type


◆ flags

db FIS_REG_H2D::flags

0bCRRRPPPP, C - 1: Command, 0: Control

◆ icc

db FIS_REG_H2D::icc

Isochronous command completion

◆ lba0

db FIS_REG_H2D::lba0

LBA low register, 7:0

◆ lba1

db FIS_REG_H2D::lba1

LBA mid register, 15:8

◆ lba2

db FIS_REG_H2D::lba2

LBA high register, 23:16

◆ lba3

db FIS_REG_H2D::lba3

LBA register, 31:24

◆ lba4

db FIS_REG_H2D::lba4

LBA register, 39:32

◆ lba5

db FIS_REG_H2D::lba5

LBA register, 47:40

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