KolibriOS kernel
usb_endpoint_descr Struct Reference

USB endpoint descriptor. More...

Public Attributes

db bEndpointAddress
db bmAttributes
dw wMaxPacketSize
db bInterval

Detailed Description

USB endpoint descriptor.


Member Data Documentation

◆ bEndpointAddress

db usb_endpoint_descr::bEndpointAddress

◆ bInterval

db usb_endpoint_descr::bInterval

Lower 11 bits form maximum packet size, next two bits specify the number of additional transactions per microframe for high-speed periodic endpoints, other bits must be zero.

◆ bmAttributes

db usb_endpoint_descr::bmAttributes

Lower 4 bits form endpoint number, upper bit is 0 for OUT endpoints and 1 for IN endpoints, other bits must be zero

◆ wMaxPacketSize

dw usb_endpoint_descr::wMaxPacketSize

Lower 2 bits form transfer type, one of *_PIPE, other bits must be zero for non-isochronous endpoints; refer to the USB specification for meaning in isochronous case

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