KolibriOS kernel
FIS_REG_D2H Struct Reference

Register FIS ? Device to Host. More...

Public Attributes

db fis_type
db flags
db status
db error
db lba0
db lba1
db lba2
db device
db lba3
db lba4
db lba5
db countl
db counth

Detailed Description

Register FIS ? Device to Host.


Member Data Documentation

◆ counth

db FIS_REG_D2H::counth

Count register, 15:8

◆ countl

db FIS_REG_D2H::countl

Count register, 7:0

◆ device

db FIS_REG_D2H::device

Device register

◆ error

db FIS_REG_D2H::error

Error register

◆ fis_type

db FIS_REG_D2H::fis_type


◆ flags

db FIS_REG_D2H::flags

0bRIRPPPP, P - Port multiplier, R - Reserved

◆ lba0

db FIS_REG_D2H::lba0

LBA low register, 7:0

◆ lba1

db FIS_REG_D2H::lba1

LBA mid register, 15:8

◆ lba2

db FIS_REG_D2H::lba2

LBA high register, 23:16

◆ lba3

db FIS_REG_D2H::lba3

LBA register, 31:24

◆ lba4

db FIS_REG_D2H::lba4

LBA register, 39:32

◆ lba5

db FIS_REG_D2H::lba5

LBA register, 47:40

◆ status

db FIS_REG_D2H::status

Status register

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