KolibriOS kernel
usb_interface_descr Struct Reference

USB interface descriptor. More...

Public Attributes

db bInterfaceNumber
db bAlternateSetting
db bNumEndpoints
db bInterfaceClass
db bInterfaceSubClass
db bInterfaceProtocol
db iInterface

Detailed Description

USB interface descriptor.


Member Data Documentation

◆ bAlternateSetting

db usb_interface_descr::bAlternateSetting

◆ bInterfaceClass

db usb_interface_descr::bInterfaceClass

Number of endpoints used by this interface, excluding zero endpoint

◆ bInterfaceNumber

db usb_interface_descr::bInterfaceNumber

The following two fields work in pair. Sometimes one interface can work in different modes; e.g. videostream from web-cameras requires different bandwidth depending on resolution/quality/compression settings. Each mode of each interface has its own descriptor with its own endpoints following; all descriptors for one interface have the same bInterfaceNumber, and different bAlternateSetting. By default, any interface operates in mode with bAlternateSetting = 0. Often this is the only mode. If there are another modes, the active mode is selected by SET_INTERFACE(bAlternateSetting) control request.

◆ bInterfaceProtocol

db usb_interface_descr::bInterfaceProtocol

USB Interface Subclass Code

◆ bInterfaceSubClass

db usb_interface_descr::bInterfaceSubClass

USB Interface Class Code

◆ bNumEndpoints

db usb_interface_descr::bNumEndpoints

◆ iInterface

db usb_interface_descr::iInterface

USB Interface Protocol Code

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