KolibriOS kernel
GPTH Struct Reference

GUID Partition Table Header, UEFI 2.6, Table 18. More...

Public Attributes

rb Signature
dd Revision
dd HeaderSize
dd HeaderCRC32
dd Reserved
dq MyLBA
dq AlternateLBA
dq FirstUsableLBA
dq LastUsableLBA
rb DiskGUID
dq PartitionEntryLBA
dd NumberOfPartitionEntries
dd SizeOfPartitionEntry
dd PartitionEntryArrayCRC32

Detailed Description

GUID Partition Table Header, UEFI 2.6, Table 18.


Member Data Documentation

◆ AlternateLBA

dq GPTH::AlternateLBA

LBA of the sector containing this GPT header.

◆ DiskGUID


◆ FirstUsableLBA

dq GPTH::FirstUsableLBA

LBA of the sector containing the other GPT header. AlternateLBA of Primary GPTH points to Backup one and vice versa.

◆ HeaderCRC32

dd GPTH::HeaderCRC32

Size of this header in bytes, must fit to one sector.

◆ HeaderSize

dd GPTH::HeaderSize


◆ LastUsableLBA

dq GPTH::LastUsableLBA

Only sectors between first and last UsableLBA may form partitions



Must be zero.

◆ NumberOfPartitionEntries

dd GPTH::NumberOfPartitionEntries

First LBA of Partition Entry Array. Length in bytes is computed as a product of two following fields.

◆ PartitionEntryArrayCRC32

dd GPTH::PartitionEntryArrayCRC32

◆ PartitionEntryLBA

dq GPTH::PartitionEntryLBA

Globally Unique IDentifier

◆ Reserved

dd GPTH::Reserved

Set this field to zero, compute CRC32 via 0xEDB88320, compare.

◆ Revision

dd GPTH::Revision


◆ Signature

rb GPTH::Signature

◆ SizeOfPartitionEntry

dd GPTH::SizeOfPartitionEntry

Actual number of partitions depends on the contents of Partition Entry Array. A partition entry is unused if zeroed. in bytes

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