KolibriOS kernel
xfs_dinode3_core Struct Reference

Public Attributes

dd di_crc
DQ di_changecount
DQ di_lsn
DQ di_flags2
dd di_cowextsize
rb di_pad2
DQ di_crtime
DQ di_ino
rb di_uuid

Detailed Description

Member Data Documentation

◆ di_changecount

DQ xfs_dinode3_core::di_changecount

number of attribute changes

◆ di_cowextsize

dd xfs_dinode3_core::di_cowextsize

basic cow extent size for file

◆ di_crc

dd xfs_dinode3_core::di_crc

CRC of the inode

◆ di_crtime

DQ xfs_dinode3_core::di_crtime

fields only written to during inode creation time created

◆ di_flags2

DQ xfs_dinode3_core::di_flags2

more random flags

◆ di_ino

DQ xfs_dinode3_core::di_ino

inode number

◆ di_lsn

DQ xfs_dinode3_core::di_lsn

flush sequence

◆ di_pad2

rb xfs_dinode3_core::di_pad2

more padding for future expansion

◆ di_uuid

rb xfs_dinode3_core::di_uuid

UUID of the filesystem

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