KolibriOS kernel
NET_DEVICE Struct Reference

Public Attributes

dd device_type
dd mtu
dd name
dd unload
dd reset
dd transmit
dd link_state
dd hwacc
dq bytes_tx
dq bytes_rx
dd packets_tx
dd packets_tx_err
dd packets_tx_drop
dd packets_tx_ovr
dd packets_rx
dd packets_rx_err
dd packets_rx_drop
dd packets_rx_ovr

Detailed Description

Member Data Documentation

◆ bytes_rx

dq NET_DEVICE::bytes_rx

◆ bytes_tx

dq NET_DEVICE::bytes_tx

Statistics, updated by the driver

◆ device_type

dd NET_DEVICE::device_type

Type field

◆ hwacc

dd NET_DEVICE::hwacc

bitmask stating enabled HW accelerations (offload engines)

◆ link_state

dd NET_DEVICE::link_state

link state (0 = no link)

◆ mtu

dd NET_DEVICE::mtu

Maximal Transmission Unit

◆ name

dd NET_DEVICE::name

Ptr to 0 terminated string

◆ packets_rx

dd NET_DEVICE::packets_rx

◆ packets_rx_drop

dd NET_DEVICE::packets_rx_drop

◆ packets_rx_err

dd NET_DEVICE::packets_rx_err

CRC errors, too long or too short frames

◆ packets_rx_ovr

dd NET_DEVICE::packets_rx_ovr

FIFO overrun

◆ packets_tx

dd NET_DEVICE::packets_tx

◆ packets_tx_drop

dd NET_DEVICE::packets_tx_drop

◆ packets_tx_err

dd NET_DEVICE::packets_tx_err

CRC errors, too long or too short frames

◆ packets_tx_ovr

dd NET_DEVICE::packets_tx_ovr

FIFO overrun

◆ reset

dd NET_DEVICE::reset

◆ transmit

dd NET_DEVICE::transmit

◆ unload

dd NET_DEVICE::unload

Ptrs to driver functions

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