KolibriOS kernel
XFS Struct Reference

internal data for every XFS partition this is XFS partition structure most fields are unpacked or bswap'ed values of the superblock, see xfs_sb structure above More...

Public Attributes

dd sectsize
dd blocksize
dd dirblocksize
dd inodesize
DQ rootino
dd versionnum
dd version
dd features2
dd inopblock
dd blkpdirblk
dd blocklog
dd sectlog
dd inodelog
dd inopblog
dd agblklog
dd sectpblog
dd dirblklog
dd sectpblock
dd agblocks
DQ dir2_leaf_offset_blocks
DQ dir2_free_offset_blocks
DQ agblockmask
dd inode_core_size
dd features_incompat
dd ftype_size
dd dir_block_magic
dd dir_data_magic
dw dir_leaf1_magic
dw dir_leafn_magic
dw da_node_magic
dd bmap_magic
dd dirx_leaf_ents_offset
dd dirx_leaf_hdr_count_offset
dd bmbt_block_size
dd dir_block_size
dd dir_data_size
dd dir_leaf1_size
dd dir_leafn_size
dd da_node_size
dd da_blkinfo_size
dd conv_time_to_kos_epoch
dd nextents_offset
dd cur_block
dd cur_block_data
dd cur_inode
dd cur_sect
dd cur_dirblock
dd tmp_inode
xfs_bmbt_irec extent
dd bytes_to_read
dd bytes_read
DQ bytes_left_in_file
DQ file_offset
dd file_buffer
dd entries_read
dd requested_cnt
dd dir_sf_self_done
dd dir_sf_parent_done
dd entries_left_in_dir
dd entries_to_skip
dd max_dirblockaddr
dd cur_inode_save
dd shortform_inodelen
dd bdfe_nameenc
dd bdfe_len
dd bdfe_process
DQ inode_self
dd bdfe_buf
dd eof
DQ offset_begin
DQ offset_end

Detailed Description

internal data for every XFS partition this is XFS partition structure most fields are unpacked or bswap'ed values of the superblock, see xfs_sb structure above


Member Data Documentation

◆ agblklog

dd XFS::agblklog

◆ agblockmask

DQ XFS::agblockmask

◆ agblocks

dd XFS::agblocks

◆ bdfe_buf

dd XFS::bdfe_buf

◆ bdfe_len

dd XFS::bdfe_len

◆ bdfe_nameenc

dd XFS::bdfe_nameenc

◆ bdfe_process

dd XFS::bdfe_process

◆ blkpdirblk

dd XFS::blkpdirblk

◆ blocklog

dd XFS::blocklog

◆ blocksize

dd XFS::blocksize

◆ bmap_magic

dd XFS::bmap_magic

◆ bmbt_block_size

dd XFS::bmbt_block_size

◆ bytes_left_in_file

DQ XFS::bytes_left_in_file

◆ bytes_read

dd XFS::bytes_read

◆ bytes_to_read

dd XFS::bytes_to_read

◆ conv_time_to_kos_epoch

dd XFS::conv_time_to_kos_epoch

◆ cur_block

dd XFS::cur_block

helpers, temporary vars, etc should go to file descriptor and local vars?

◆ cur_block_data

dd XFS::cur_block_data

◆ cur_dirblock

dd XFS::cur_dirblock

◆ cur_inode

dd XFS::cur_inode

◆ cur_inode_save

dd XFS::cur_inode_save

◆ cur_sect

dd XFS::cur_sect

◆ da_blkinfo_size

dd XFS::da_blkinfo_size

◆ da_node_magic

dw XFS::da_node_magic

◆ da_node_size

dd XFS::da_node_size

◆ dir2_free_offset_blocks

DQ XFS::dir2_free_offset_blocks

◆ dir2_leaf_offset_blocks

DQ XFS::dir2_leaf_offset_blocks

◆ dir_block_magic

dd XFS::dir_block_magic

◆ dir_block_size

dd XFS::dir_block_size

◆ dir_data_magic

dd XFS::dir_data_magic

◆ dir_data_size

dd XFS::dir_data_size

◆ dir_leaf1_magic

dw XFS::dir_leaf1_magic

◆ dir_leaf1_size

dd XFS::dir_leaf1_size

◆ dir_leafn_magic

dw XFS::dir_leafn_magic

◆ dir_leafn_size

dd XFS::dir_leafn_size

◆ dir_sf_parent_done

dd XFS::dir_sf_parent_done

◆ dir_sf_self_done

dd XFS::dir_sf_self_done

◆ dirblklog

dd XFS::dirblklog

in fsblocks

◆ dirblocksize

dd XFS::dirblocksize

◆ dirx_leaf_ents_offset

dd XFS::dirx_leaf_ents_offset

◆ dirx_leaf_hdr_count_offset

dd XFS::dirx_leaf_hdr_count_offset

◆ entries_left_in_dir

dd XFS::entries_left_in_dir

◆ entries_read

dd XFS::entries_read

◆ entries_to_skip

dd XFS::entries_to_skip

◆ eof

dd XFS::eof

◆ extent

xfs_bmbt_irec XFS::extent

◆ features2

dd XFS::features2

◆ features_incompat

dd XFS::features_incompat

◆ file_buffer

dd XFS::file_buffer

◆ file_offset

DQ XFS::file_offset

◆ ftype_size

dd XFS::ftype_size

◆ inode_core_size

dd XFS::inode_core_size

◆ inode_self

DQ XFS::inode_self

◆ inodelog

dd XFS::inodelog

◆ inodesize

dd XFS::inodesize

◆ inopblock

dd XFS::inopblock

◆ inopblog

dd XFS::inopblog

◆ Lock


access mutex

◆ max_dirblockaddr

dd XFS::max_dirblockaddr

◆ nextents_offset

dd XFS::nextents_offset

◆ offset_begin

DQ XFS::offset_begin

◆ offset_end

DQ XFS::offset_end

◆ requested_cnt

dd XFS::requested_cnt

◆ rootino

DQ XFS::rootino

◆ sectlog

dd XFS::sectlog

◆ sectpblock

dd XFS::sectpblock

◆ sectpblog

dd XFS::sectpblog

◆ sectsize

dd XFS::sectsize

◆ shortform_inodelen

dd XFS::shortform_inodelen

◆ tmp_inode

dd XFS::tmp_inode

◆ version

dd XFS::version

◆ versionnum

dd XFS::versionnum

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