KolibriOS kernel
usb_device_descr Struct Reference

USB device descriptor. More...

Public Attributes

dw bcdUSB
db bDeviceClass
db bDeviceSubClass
db bDeviceProtocol
db bMaxPacketSize0
dw idVendor
dw idProduct
dw bcdDevice
db iManufacturer
db iProduct
db iSerialNumber
db bNumConfigurations

Detailed Description

USB device descriptor.


Member Data Documentation

◆ bcdDevice

dw usb_device_descr::bcdDevice

Product ID

◆ bcdUSB

dw usb_device_descr::bcdUSB

◆ bDeviceClass

db usb_device_descr::bDeviceClass

USB Specification Release number in BCD, e.g. 110h = USB 1.1

◆ bDeviceProtocol

db usb_device_descr::bDeviceProtocol

USB Device Subclass Code

◆ bDeviceSubClass

db usb_device_descr::bDeviceSubClass

USB Device Class Code

◆ bMaxPacketSize0

db usb_device_descr::bMaxPacketSize0

USB Device Protocol Code

◆ bNumConfigurations

db usb_device_descr::bNumConfigurations

Index of string descriptor describing serial number

◆ idProduct

dw usb_device_descr::idProduct

Vendor ID

◆ idVendor

dw usb_device_descr::idVendor

Maximum packet size for zero endpoint

◆ iManufacturer

db usb_device_descr::iManufacturer

Device release number in BCD

◆ iProduct

db usb_device_descr::iProduct

Index of string descriptor describing manufacturer

◆ iSerialNumber

db usb_device_descr::iSerialNumber

Index of string descriptor describing product

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