KolibriOS kernel
xfs_agf Struct Reference

Public Attributes

dd agf_magicnum
dd agf_versionnum
dd agf_seqno
dd agf_length
dd agf_roots
dd agf_levels
dd agf_flfirst
dd agf_fllast
dd agf_flcount
dd agf_freeblks

Detailed Description

Member Data Documentation

◆ agf_flcount

dd xfs_agf::agf_flcount

◆ agf_flfirst

dd xfs_agf::agf_flfirst

◆ agf_fllast

dd xfs_agf::agf_fllast

◆ agf_freeblks

dd xfs_agf::agf_freeblks

free blocks in AG

◆ agf_length

dd xfs_agf::agf_length

size in blocks of AG

◆ agf_levels

dd xfs_agf::agf_levels

◆ agf_magicnum

dd xfs_agf::agf_magicnum

magic number == XFS_AGF_MAGIC

◆ agf_roots

dd xfs_agf::agf_roots

◆ agf_seqno

dd xfs_agf::agf_seqno

sequence # starting from 0

◆ agf_versionnum

dd xfs_agf::agf_versionnum

header version == XFS_AGF_VERSION

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