KolibriOS kernel
IPv6_header Struct Reference

Public Attributes

dd VersionTrafficFlow
dw PayloadLength
db NextHeader
db HopLimit
rd SourceAddress
rd DestinationAddress
rb Payload

Detailed Description

Member Data Documentation

◆ DestinationAddress

rd IPv6_header::DestinationAddress

◆ HopLimit

db IPv6_header::HopLimit

Decremented by every node, packet is discarded when it reaches 0

◆ NextHeader

db IPv6_header::NextHeader

Values are same as in IPv4 'Protocol' field

◆ Payload

rb IPv6_header::Payload

◆ PayloadLength

dw IPv6_header::PayloadLength

16 bits, unsigned length of payload (extension headers are part of this)

◆ SourceAddress

rd IPv6_header::SourceAddress

128-bit addresses

◆ VersionTrafficFlow

dd IPv6_header::VersionTrafficFlow

Version[0-3], Traffic class[4-11], Flow Label [12-31]

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