The following "hot" shortcut keys are used in the system:
(Indexing on time of appearance in the system)

  1. Ctrl + Alt + Del start of the application CPU (the manager of processes), is a sole combination maintained on a level of a kernel, all rest "hot" key is realized at the expense of the application @TASKBAR.
  2. Ctrl + Shift - switching of keyboard layout.
  3. Win - start of the application MENU.
  4. Alt + Ctrl + F12 - start of the application END.
  5. Alt + F4 - terminate the active application.
  6. Alt + Tab - switch to the next (in the window stack) window
  7. Alt + Shift + Tab - switch to the previous (in the window stack) window
  8. Alt + Shift + NumLock - start of the application MOUSEMUL, which emulates mouse with numpad, when NumLock is on.
  9. Alt + 1...7 - fast switching to the selected keyboard layout (even if absent for Ctrl + Shift)
  10. Win + D - minimize/restore all windows (cleaning of desktop)
  11. Win + R - start of the application RUN
  12. Alt + Ctrl + ArrowLeft - to scroll back a list of the taskbar
  13. Alt + Ctrl + ArrowRight - to scroll forward a list of the taskbar
  14. Ctrl + PrintScreen - start of the application SCRSHOOT. Just do a screen shot and the user is offered to specify (with OpenDialog) where to save the BMP image.